Exceptional People

We've created a workplace we’re all excited to be in every day, so that we can build amazing things and spend time with people we really like. Want to join us?

Core Values

  • Self-aware
    We’re aware of our strengths and weaknesses, how they impact our work and other people, and we’re always seeking feedback on both.
  • Relentless in the pursuit of mastery
    We always believe we can do better. We push others and help them to do better.
  • Team over self
    We prioritise the benefit of the team over personal gain. We don’t make decisions that negatively impact the team.
  • Respect for the trust we've been given
    We act honourably and never abuse the trust we’ve been given by customers or the team.
  • It's awesome to be here
    We want to be here, we feel lucky to be here, and we show this through our positive energy.

A few of the perks

Some of the (many) reasons it’s great to be an Ometrian

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    Great customers

    From fast-growth ecommerce startups to established highstreet names across a range of retail verticals, we’re proud to work in a fast-paced industry with exciting, forward-thinking clients.

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    Exceptional culture

    We put a lot of effort into hiring great people and creating an environment that brings out the best in everyone. Every Ometrian embodies our values and that makes the workplace pretty amazing.

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    Flexible working allowance

    We hire committed team players, who always prioritise getting the job done, and getting it done well. In turn, we entrust everyone with the freedom to take as much holiday as they need.

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    Serious commitment to learning

    Personal development is a big deal to us. From individual development budgets to mentoring and coaching, we want everyone to be supported to grow their skills.

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    Looking after ourselves and others

    Our wellbeing initiatives aim to create a happy and healthy team of people. We go out of our way to pass the good vibes on, and take our responsibility to the environment and our wider community seriously.

Meet Some of Our Team

  • Rita
  • Josh
  • Hannah
  • Hercules
  • Customer Success


    I joined Ometria four years ago and after being encouraged to follow my interest in marketing strategy, I now work with our clients to create and implement customer lifecycle marketing strategies. I enjoy working for Ometria because I’ve had the chance to contribute and see ideas getting implemented, the product evolving, and also learn from people with amazing skills.

  • Sales


    It’s exciting to have been part of our incredible growth over the last 4 years, seeing teams continue to grow and evolve as we have taken the company from a team of 10 to upwards of 50, with now hundreds of brands from around the world who have joined us on our journey and seen great results.

  • Marketing


    I started out at Ometria four years ago managing our content when you could count the number of Ometrians on two hands! It's been amazing to be part of a fast-growing, dynamic company surrounded by inspiring people, where I've been given the opportunity to really take ownership of marketing-related activities. I've learnt so much!

  • Projects


    I joined Ometria in September 2017 and being an Ometrian is both a priviledge and feels like home - I couldn’t feel more grateful about it. Ometria’s amazing culture succeeds in reversing the formula ‘’be successful to be happy’’. We are happy and because of that we are successful!

Current Openings