An Introduction to the Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle

Posted by Hannah Stacey 30 Jun 15

Untitled_design_2-2To start this blog post, I’d like to transport you (sadly, only in a metaphorical sense) to a party.

Picture the scene: the music’s blaring, the drinks are flowing, someone’s already had a few too many and is embarrassing themself... you get the picture.

As with any party, at some point in the proceedings you’re bound to run into one or more of the following:

  • Your best pal, who probably knows you better than you know yourself.

  • Your best pal’s new girlfriend/boyfriend, who you’re meeting for the first time and are under strict instructions to be on your best behaviour for.

  • An old acquaintance who you haven’t seen in years.

  • The guy who you’ve met ten times before but who always introduces himself like it’s the first.

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9 Insider Tips from 4 Ecommerce Retention Marketing Experts

Posted by Hannah Stacey 22 Jun 15

A couple of weeks ago, we invited four top ecommerce marketers to come and chat about some of the most pressing issues in customer retention marketing, as part of the programme for our most recent Lifecycle event.

The discussion brought to light a number of really interesting pointers and tips, which we thought we would share with our How to Win at Ecommerce readers.

You can watch the full video of the panel discussion at the bottom of this post, but we’ve summarised the most important lessons that can be learned from their discussion.  

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A Simple Guide to Creating Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Emails

Posted by Hannah Stacey 9 Jun 15

shutterstock_247245826Around half of the emails you send your customers are likely to be opened on a mobile device if you’re an online retailer.

Catering to this mobile audience is a notoriously tough job - email design, in a world where seamless, visually appealing content is a growing expectation, is already headache-inducingly complex. Add to that a whole host of considerations for mobile users and you may feel like throwing in the towel completely.

But don’t give up quite yet! This post will explore the key elements of a mobile ecommerce email and how to get them right:

  • Subject line
  • Layout
  • Images
  • Copy
  • Buttons
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The Great Repeat Rate Myth: Adventures in Retention Rate Analysis

Posted by James Dunford Wood 29 May 15

shutterstock_234083266As every ecommerce manager knows, it’s way cheaper to get a customer to shop again than to acquire them in the first place.

Figures vary, from 5 times to 10 times, and it’s a stat ecommerce people love to repeat, along with the numbers of repeat shoppers they have.

But it’s a lazy statistic, that can encourage lazy analysis. Let me explain.

It’s certainly true that getting one-time customers to come back and purchase again is the key challenge for the online retailer, and they like to give themselves a pat on the back when their repeat rates are healthy.

However, repeat rates can be misleading.

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12 Brands That Have Mastered GIFs in Email Marketing

Posted by Hannah Stacey 13 May 15

shutterstock_193439372To kick off this blog post, I’d like to transport you back to 1987.

Techno is king. You have a haircut that will one day become a source of endless ridicule from your children and grandchildren. Cher looks exactly the same as she does now.  

Crucially for our story, a bloke called Steve Wilhite and his team have just invented something called the Graphics Interchange Format (or GIF, for short) that will change the face of the internet.

But you don’t care right now because you’re too preoccupied with perm maintenance and your only experience of the GIF thus far is a pixelated dancing banana with a maniacal grin on its face.

Fast forward to the early noughties and the GIF has been appropriated by a generation of adolescents hell bent on having the spangliest MySpace page going, regardless of the fact it takes ten minutes to load and crashes your browser if you try to scroll anywhere.

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