12 Brands That Have Mastered GIFs in Email Marketing

Posted by Hannah Stacey 13 May 15

shutterstock_193439372To kick off this blog post, I’d like to transport you back to 1987.

Techno is king. You have a haircut that will one day become a source of endless ridicule from your children and grandchildren. Cher looks exactly the same as she does now.  

Crucially for our story, a bloke called Steve Wilhite and his team have just invented something called the Graphics Interchange Format (or GIF, for short) that will change the face of the internet.

But you don’t care right now because you’re too preoccupied with perm maintenance and your only experience of the GIF thus far is a pixelated dancing banana with a maniacal grin on its face.

Fast forward to the early noughties and the GIF has been appropriated by a generation of adolescents hell bent on having the spangliest MySpace page going, regardless of the fact it takes ten minutes to load and crashes your browser if you try to scroll anywhere.

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4 Useful Data Reports To Shed (New) Light On Your Ecommerce Marketing Performance

Posted by James Dunford Wood 7 May 15

shutterstock_255896113In the summer of 2014 my colleague Ed Gotham wrote a very good introduction to cohort analysis and why it matters in ecommerce. As he explained, there are many ways you can use cohort analysis to give you better visibility into your ecommerce performance.

To build on Ed’s piece, I want to talk about a number of cohort reports that I believe are especially important and actionable - some of which are far removed from the classic cohort chart.

The perceived complexity of cohort analysis can sometimes be off-putting, but these four concrete examples can be actioned by ecommerce managers without the need for complicated analysis - and the insights you’ll get from them could make a material difference to how successfully you grow your business.

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The Great Opt-In Debate: Single or Double Opt-In Email Marketing?

Posted by Hannah Stacey 30 Apr 15

shutterstock_211633465The question of single versus double opt-in certainly polarises opinion amongst ecommerce marketers (consider it the ‘Jaffa Cakes: cakes or biscuits?’ argument of the email marketing world).

With compelling arguments on either side of the debate, it can be hard to decide on a method that will grow your email database while still maintaining quality contacts who are likely to buy from you.

This blog post aims to give you the lowdown so that you can make an informed decision for your online store.

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6 Ways to Keep a Customer Engaged Post-Purchase

Posted by Hannah Stacey 21 Apr 15

shutterstock_172510469It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that effective ecommerce marketing ends with a customer buying something.

In some ways, it does. After all, you’ve led them down the purchase path, whisked them through the AIDA model, channeled them down through the conversion funnel. Job done, right?

The problem with this way of thinking is that it fails to take into account one major caveat: that retaining a customer is far more valuable in the long-run than acquiring a new one. And when you start focusing on retention, a customer making a purchase actually marks the beginning of the process, not the end.

This blog post will look at six ways that online retailers can keep customers engaged after they’ve made a purchase, and how they can lay the groundwork for further purchases down the line.
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8 Quick and Easy Hacks to Instantly Improve Your Ecommerce Emails

Posted by Hannah Stacey 9 Apr 15

In ecommerce marketing, it’s often easy to get stuck in the ‘big results only come from big investment’ mentality.

Overhauling your email templates, making your website and emails mobile-friendly, embarking on grand A/B testing projects: while all likely to get results, these are certainly resource-intensive activities.

The good news is that smaller tweaks and adjustments can also, incrementally, have a big positive effect on your marketing efforts. This blog post will cover eight simple hacks for improving the deliverability, usability, and overall effectiveness of your ecommerce marketing emails.

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