How 6 Top Retailers Use Email to Convert One-Off Purchasers into Repeat Customers

Posted by Hannah Stacey 24 Jul 15

shutterstock_204471325Back in January, we decided to embark upon a little research project into the lifecycle email marketing habits of 20 top online retailers.

We signed up to their newsletters, abandoned baskets, clicked through from emails, added items to wishlists, made purchases… you get the picture.

While you can read about much of what we found in our Email Marketing Playbook (click here to download), I wanted to post an update that takes a specific look at one of the major tasks in customer lifecycle marketing: turning one-off purchasers into repeat customers.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that having a database of loyal, repeat customers is the ultimate dream for any ecommerce business. And the days and weeks following a first purchase are critical in deciding whether a one-off customer comes back to shop again or disappears off into the online shopping abyss.

So six months and over 6,000 emails later, we took a look at the efforts the retailers in our study went to re-engage us after we made our first purchase.

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The Definitive Guide to UTM Tagging in Ecommerce

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 14 Jul 15

shutterstock_159925478As an ecommerce marketer, your job is likely to include planning and executing regular newsletters, promotional campaigns, new product releases, brand advertising, and so on.

Chances are you’ll also be working with a limited budget, which you’ll have to manage wisely, allocating funds to different channels to get the best possible return on investment. And you’ll have to be able to monitor and assess each of these campaigns and channels in terms of revenue, engagement, and ultimately conversions.

You may also wish to test out new channels - maybe a shopping app, a video channel or a temporary partnership with another seller - and then measure their performance. How many new leads and customers were acquired? How many lost customers were reactivated? How much revenue did these channels generate against what I have spent?

The success of your digital marketing activities is heavily dependent on the ability to correctly analyse your online data.  And to accurately analyse every marketing campaign you launch and every channel you’re using, you must ensure that you are in fact tracking all your visitors and customers, and that you are attributing them to the right source.

So how do you tag your campaigns? Where should you start? We’ve put together a handy infographic, accompanied by an in-depth guide below it to get you going. It will cover:

  • Why it is important to track your campaigns
  • How to tag your campaigns using UTM tags
  • Best practice in UTM tagging
  • Important information you should be aware of

(click the infographic to expand)

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How Online Retailers Can Promote Their Content Better

Posted by Hannah Stacey 7 Jul 15

Let’s kick this blog post off with a game of spot the difference, shall we?

Below are snapshots of the homepages of two popular online retailers - Topshop and Boots - now and five years ago. What’s changed?


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An Introduction to the Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle

Posted by Hannah Stacey 30 Jun 15

Untitled_design_2-2To start this blog post, I’d like to transport you (sadly, only in a metaphorical sense) to a party.

Picture the scene: the music’s blaring, the drinks are flowing, someone’s already had a few too many and is embarrassing themself... you get the picture.

As with any party, at some point in the proceedings you’re bound to run into one or more of the following:

  • Your best pal, who probably knows you better than you know yourself.

  • Your best pal’s new girlfriend/boyfriend, who you’re meeting for the first time and are under strict instructions to be on your best behaviour for.

  • An old acquaintance who you haven’t seen in years.

  • The guy who you’ve met ten times before but who always introduces himself like it’s the first.

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9 Insider Tips from 4 Ecommerce Retention Marketing Experts

Posted by Hannah Stacey 22 Jun 15

A couple of weeks ago, we invited four top ecommerce marketers to come and chat about some of the most pressing issues in customer retention marketing, as part of the programme for our most recent Lifecycle event.

The discussion brought to light a number of really interesting pointers and tips, which we thought we would share with our How to Win at Ecommerce readers.

You can watch the full video of the panel discussion at the bottom of this post, but we’ve summarised the most important lessons that can be learned from their discussion.  

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