7 Examples of Expert Newsjacking by Ecommerce Brands

Posted by Hannah Stacey 21 Aug 15

When thinking about newsjacking (capitalising on the popularity of a news story or current event to promote your brand), big-budget Paddy Power-style publicity stunts are often the first thing that springs to mind (that, or brands trying to jump on the latest Twitter trend and failing horribly).

But newsjacking doesn’t necessarily involve grand budgets or taking big risks. Ultimately, it’s all about making your marketing more timely and relevant in a world where stories break on social media before they reach news outlets, and a single tweet can turn a brand or individual into a viral online sensation in a matter of minutes. It’s about making your marketing more responsive and ‘agile’.

Here are seven great examples of how ecommerce brands are using newsjacking in their marketing.
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4 Common UTM Tagging Mistakes Made by Online Retailers (and How to Fix Them)

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 7 Aug 15

shutterstock_295939298This post follows on from our ‘Definitive Guide to UTM Tagging in Ecommerce’ guide and infographic, which you can find here.

UTM tagged links are there to make it easier for you to analyse marketing performance and channels, to ultimately gain a better understanding of your visitor and customer buying behaviour.

But what if you’re already tracking your campaigns and still find it hard to draw conclusions from the results? What if the data you’re collecting does not make sense, or match up to what you were expecting? What if you can’t find a specific campaign? Or what if you’re tagging your links incorrectly, but are not aware of it?

We have listed some common mistakes we often find in UTM tagging by retailers, and how you can make sure to avoid and correct them:

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How 7 Retailers Use Welcome Emails to Tell Their Brand Story

Posted by Hannah Stacey 4 Aug 15

shutterstock_195029612In the ever-crowded online retail space, brand storytelling is becoming essential for any online retailer wanting to set themselves apart from the crowd and build a database of loyal customers and prospects.

Welcome emails are a great (and relatively untapped) opportunity to achieve brand buy-in early on in the customer journey - at a time when it's perhaps most important to make a great impression and foster connections.

This blog post will take a look at seven online retailers that use their welcome emails as an opportunity for some good old brand storytelling. By that, we mean that their emails:

  • Have a clear brand tone of voice

  • Convey the brand’s values and ethos

  • Tell the brand’s story

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9 Examples of Inspired Ecommerce Popup Design

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 29 Jul 15

shutterstock_241253065A few months back we wrote a blog post on how to build an effective email popup to help you increase your email database. Since it proved popular, we thought we’d revisit this topic and give you some examples of great inspiring popups that we’ve seen around more recently.

Before we go through the examples, I’d like to quickly go over why popups (used well) are so effective as tool to combat browse abandonment and increase your marketable database, and why you should consider implementing them.

We all know how important it is for an ecommerce brand to create the best possible experience in their online store, and that this experience heavily depends on design, layout and relevance. The better the customer experience is, the more likely your visitors are to convert, to connect with your products, to identify themselves with you brand.

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How 6 Top Retailers Use Email to Convert One-Off Purchasers into Repeat Customers

Posted by Hannah Stacey 24 Jul 15

shutterstock_204471325Back in January, we decided to embark upon a little research project into the lifecycle email marketing habits of 20 top online retailers.

We signed up to their newsletters, abandoned baskets, clicked through from emails, added items to wishlists, made purchases… you get the picture.

While you can read about much of what we found in our Email Marketing Playbook (click here to download), I wanted to post an update that takes a specific look at one of the major tasks in customer lifecycle marketing: turning one-off purchasers into repeat customers.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that having a database of loyal, repeat customers is the ultimate dream for any ecommerce business. And the days and weeks following a first purchase are critical in deciding whether a one-off customer comes back to shop again or disappears off into the online shopping abyss.

So six months and over 6,000 emails later, we took a look at the efforts the retailers in our study went to re-engage us after we made our first purchase.

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