An Ecommerce Marketer's Guide to Web Push Notifications

Posted by Hannah Stacey 26 Nov 15

shutterstock_235626274.pngPush notifications have been touted as the next big channel for retailers to reach their prospects and customers for some time now.

But while their promise - of being able to reach people via instant notifications straight to their home screen - is certainly attractive, the reality is that push notifications have only ever been the reserve of retail giants with enough marketing budget to build themselves a mobile app.

The good news, however, is that web push notifications have arrived, and they’re ready to level the playing field. This post will explain how!

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Hacking the Holidays: 5 Creative Ways of Segmenting Your Festive Email Marketing

Posted by Hannah Stacey 20 Nov 15

Ometria_ebook_HACKING_THE_HOLIDAYS_online_a__1__pdf__page_1_of_30_.jpgThis blog post accompanies our new ebook, ‘Hacking the holidays: 12 tips for boosting customer engagement and revenue this festive season’, which you can download by clicking here.

Cutting through the festive marketing furore to get your key holiday messages in front of prospects is an increasingly tricky task, but important if you want to acquire new customers and gain more revenue from existing ones.

With hundreds of retailers jostling for their attention, sending relevant content to each customer is vital if you are to really capture their interest.

Here are five ways that you can segment your email marketing in order to engage and activate key customer segments (for seven more holiday tips, download our holiday hacking ebook here).

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How a Simple 'Thank You' Can Increase the Value of Holiday Shoppers

Posted by James Dunford Wood 9 Nov 15

Trying to get your ten year old to write a thank you letter these days is like pulling hens teeth.

'Dad, no one writes letters these days, didn't you know? I've texted!'.

Sorry, not good enough (I'll come back to this later!).

As we gear up for the holiday season in the ecommerce world, retailers take it for granted that they will get an influx of new customers shopping with them for the first time. Looking at the data over the past three or four years, the spikes are obvious.

But getting them is one thing, keeping them is quite another. Recently, for example, we ran some analysis to try and understand how the long time value and longevity of customers acquired in holiday seasons varied from the norm.

Running a cohort analysis on individual retailers, we've seen again and again that for many retailers the customers acquired in November and December repeat less often, spend less, and lapse more frequently than customers acquired at other times of the year.

So we looked at the data across a range of fashion retailers, and this is what we came up with:

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4 Marketing Mistakes Online Retailers Make When They Don't Have a Single Customer View

Posted by Hannah Stacey 28 Oct 15

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12 Examples of Brilliantly-Crafted Facebook Posts from Online Retailers

Posted by Hannah Stacey 20 Oct 15

The selfie brigade, the shameless self-promoters, the spoiler-posting Netflix ruiners, the #blessed: for some people, getting seen on Facebook is (unfortunately) all too easy.

Which seems all-the-more unfair if you’re a brand on Facebook, where the organic reach of your posts is likely on a downward spiral, and getting genuine engagement on even your paid posts is tough.

But don’t start writing off Facebook as marketing channel quite yet: indeed, according to research by Shopify, the majority of orders from social media (around 85 per cent) come from Facebook, and it boasts some of the highest conversion rates of all social networks.

As with most aspects of ecommerce marketing, the key to winning at Facebook is getting exceptional content in front of right person at the perfect time in their buyer journey.

This blog post will focus on the first stage: creating quality posts. We’ll take a look at 12 brands who are truly winning at Facebook marketing, creating brilliant posts that help them reach a number of objectives:

- Promoting their products

- Acquiring new customers

- Launching a competition

- Promoting their latest content

- Brand-building and achieving virality

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