8 Quick and Easy Hacks to Instantly Improve Your Ecommerce Emails

Posted by Hannah Stacey 9 Apr 15

In ecommerce marketing, it’s often easy to get stuck in the ‘big results only come from big investment’ mentality.

Overhauling your email templates, making your website and emails mobile-friendly, embarking on grand A/B testing projects: while all likely to get results, these are certainly resource-intensive activities.

The good news is that smaller tweaks and adjustments can also, incrementally, have a big positive effect on your marketing efforts. This blog post will cover eight simple hacks for improving the deliverability, usability, and overall effectiveness of your ecommerce marketing emails.

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Bridging the Online/Offline Divide: 6 First Steps to Gaining a Single Customer View

Posted by James Dunford Wood 30 Mar 15

shutterstock_260772659Shopping in Selfridges the other day on Oxford Street in central London, I stopped at a perfume counter to buy a present for a friend.

As I paid, the shop assistant asked me if I had an email address, so I could be the first to know of their latest promotions and offers. 'At last!' I thought: the giant is beginning to stir - was this the first baby steps towards a multi-channel strategy? Joining online with offline?

'Sure,' I said, curious to test their new approach, 'how would you like it?'

Amazingly, she leaned down beneath the counter and produced a pencil and a scrappy piece of paper. 'Don’t you have an app?' I asked. 'Aren’t you going to enter it into your terminal?' She looked blank. Her line manager, apparently, collected all these scraps of paper at the end of the day. And four weeks later I’m still waiting for their latest perfume offers to drop into my email box.

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[SlideShare] Cart Abandonment Email 101

Posted by Hannah Stacey 25 Mar 15

shutterstock_185810603Email is an incredibly useful weapon in the battle to recover revenue left on the table when a user abandons their shopping cart. 

As part of our series on lifecycle email marketing, we've put together a comprehensive SlideShare guide to sending brilliantly persuasive cart abandonment emails, which walks you through everything you need to include in your basket recovery campaigns.

It'll cover:

  • Why you should be sending cart abandonment emails
  • How to plan a cart abandonment campaign strategy.
  • How to get the timing of your emails spot on.
  • What kinds of content you should be including.
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An Introduction to Browse Abandonment Emails for Ecommerce

Posted by Hannah Stacey 18 Mar 15

In an ideal world, every person who visited your online store would become a customer.

Anyone who hit your homepage would find something on your site they couldn’t possibly leave without buying, and you could go home each night and dream happy dreams about 100 per cent conversion rates and how brilliant you are at ecommerce. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Of course, we know that in reality the real world can be a cruel and unforgiving place, and most people who wind up on your website (around 98 per cent) won’t flash the cash and make a purchase.

But don’t pack up and go home quite yet! In the game of customer acquisition and activation, there are a number of clever tactics that you employ, so keep reading.

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Who’s Winning At Mother’s Day Marketing So Far?

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 13 Mar 15

shutterstock_157788416Ever forgotten to send a card for Mother’s Day? Experienced that sense of dread when you realise it’s Saturday and you’ve missed the deadline for getting your flower order in? Felt like a disappointing child when you’ve had to send a Mother’s Day text message instead of a gift?

It’s okay - we’ve been there.

Luckily, a lot of ecommerce stores are here to help, whether you’re a last-minute panic buyer or you’re a little more organised.

This year we've seen retailers making huge efforts to differentiate their offers and product ranges with creative marketing campaigns, to inspire customers to buy the most special, meaningful gifts or all-time favourites for their mums.

Of all these options, we’ve picked our favourite so far (and if you’re like me and don't have a present yet, there's some pretty good ideas on how to make mum feel special this Sunday).

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