6 Creative Ways Online Retailers Are Activating Valentine's Day Shoppers

Posted by Huw Jenkins 5 Feb 16

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day: a pain in the proverbial for the forgetful shopper and a stab in the heart for the eternally alone.

While the roots of Valentine’s Day are fuzzy and lie somewhere between pagan and commercial, the impact on consumer spending is massive - with $19 billion spent on gifts in the US last year - according to The Shelf.

The US National Retail Federation predicts that 54.8% of consumers will celebrate the special day aceoss America this year, spending an average of  $146.84 on flowers, jewelry, sweets, apparel and more (up from $142.31 last year).

As pastel coloured, heart-shaped fluff assaults the consumer from every angle: how are retailers setting themselves apart to activate shoppers this season?

We’ve taken a look at six cool examples of retailers marketing Valentine's Day, with a twist. 

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What Can Luxury Brands Teach Us About Ecommerce Content Marketing?

Posted by Huw Jenkins 3 Feb 16

Luxury content marketing Class, exclusivity and grandeur: not words often associated with the utilitarian throng of cyberspace.

Lacking the shine of marble, chandeliers and favourable postcodes, online luxury ecommerce is tasked with using pixels to create a premium experience, where champagne and shiny fixtures cannot beguile.

Some big names in luxury are realising the power of a relevant and dynamic digital strategy on the bottom line: using the creative power of online content to satisfy and engage their elite shoppers - to keep them firmly in the consciousness of the consumer.

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The Anatomy of a Winning Cart Abandonment Email (+ 11 Exceptional Examples)

Posted by Hannah Stacey 3 Feb 16

shutterstock_157334609Fact #1: Cart abandonment is a pain in the proverbial for online retailers (but sadly it’s inevitable)

With billions of pounds of shopping left in virtual shopping baskets each year, cart abandonment is an infuriating reminder of revenue that might have been made.

The customer has spent time browsing your site, has carefully selected items that have taken their fancy but - for one reason or another - he or she has abandoned ship at the critical point.  Maddening, right?

Unfortunately cart abandonment is probably here to stay: it’s just symptomatic of the way some people browse and shop (and according to the Baymard Institute, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.63%).

But it isn’t all doom and gloom! If you’re an online retailer the great news is that...

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Welcome Emails: What We Learned From Subscribing to 60 Fashion Newsletters

Posted by Hannah Stacey 29 Jan 16

Welcome emails New subscribers are an extremely valuable group of people indeed.

After all, these are people who have actively said that they want to hear from you about your products on a regular basis. They’re engaged, they’re active and getting your initial contact with them right can unlock a whole load of revenue-generating potential.

There are lots of lovely stats to back up the argument that online retailers should take their welcome emails seriously:

  • Subscribers are most engaged within the first 48 hours of signing up to a brand’s updates, so it’s important to start building a relationship immediately.

  • Nearly 75% of consumers expect to receive a welcome email when they sign up to your list.

  • Welcome emails tend to have open rates significantly higher than other types of marketing email later down the line (four times the total open rate and five times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions, according to Experian).
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4 Superb Examples of Retailers Using Online Quizzes to Drive Sales

Posted by Huw Jenkins 29 Jan 16

Ecommerce quizzes Admit it. A causal browse of the web invariably begins with a rueful mission of self discovery.

“Does my cat secretly want to eat me?”, “Which member of Taylor Swift’s squad would be my BFF?”, “What does my Subway sandwich say about me?”.

Many of mankind’s most profound questions can be addressed through the questionably accurate (and always trending) power of the quiz.

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