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  • Ollie: High CLV shopper
  • Hasn’t engaged in 6 months
  • Predictive lifecycle stage: at risk VIP
  • Sent win-back email with dynamic offer
  • Jess: Repeat shopper
  • Browses site for new items & offers
  • Browses lipstick, item out of stock
  • Sent automated email when item is back in stock with dynamic offer
  • Mike: Repeat online & in-store shopper
  • Often engages via Instagram
  • Makes high value in-store purchase
  • Targeted with Instagram ad for in-store event at preferred store
  • Selina: One-time shopper
  • Browses store on mobile
  • Predictive taste profile: most likely to buy homeware next
  • Targeted with category-based Facebook ad
  • Harry: Subscriber, yet to make a purchase
  • Frequently engages with emails
  • Shows interest in trainers
  • Personalised newsletter sent
  • Olly
  • Jess
  • Mike
  • Selina
  • Harry
  • Ollie Mailer
  • Jess Mailer
  • Mike Mailer
  • Selina Mailer
  • Harry Mailer
  • Crew
  • Heal's
  • Wonderbly
  • Lovecrafts
  • Charlotte Tilbury

How it works

  • Purchase History
    Purchase History
  • Browse Behaviour
    Browse Behaviour
  • Marketing Interaction
    Marketing Interaction
  • Instore Activity
    In-Store Activity
  • Returns Data
    Returns Data
  • Vip Customer Potential

    Which of my customers have VIP potential?

  • Most Likely To Lapse

    Which customers are likely to lapse soon?

  • Interact With My Message

    What time is a customer most likely to interact with my message?

  • Most Likely To Buy

    Who is most likely to buy this product?

  • Best Time To Send Replenishment Messages

    When’s the best time to send a replenishment reminder?

  • Broadcast Emails
    Broadcast Emails
  • Automated Emails
    Automated Emails
  • Custom Audiences
    Social Audiences
  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications
  • Direct Mail
    Direct Mail
  • Single customer view

    Ometria brings together data from all touchpoints to build a comprehensive profile of each customer.

  • Intelligence layer

    The platform uses machine learning to analyse customer behaviour and provide insights that are directly actionable within the platform.

  • Cross-channel marketing

    Ometria’s campaign builder enables you to create personalised marketing experiences across relevant touchpoints.

Say goodbye to your ESP

…and hello to a new era of personalised customer marketing.

Ometria replaces and upgrades your ESP, giving you instant access to customer insight and enabling you to create marketing experiences your customers will love.

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