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Customer insight & cross-channel marketing for retailers, by Ometria

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Turn customer insight into personalised marketing

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The Ometria platform brings together transaction, interaction and offline data sources to create a detailed profile of each customer.

Our platform provides key insights, relevant marketing metrics and instant reports about your customer base.

Send each customer automated, personalised marketing messages on a range of channels, all from within the Ometria platform.

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Our team of data scientists and retail marketing experts are there at every stage of the process, from onboarding to automation strategy development to campaign optimisation.

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Learn how to communicate with your customers more effectively using our in-depth ecommerce marketing resources.

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"We needed to better understand our customers' behaviour, what was going well and what we could improve on. With Ometria, we quickly had intuitive, retail-specific insights that we could action right away. Invaluable to any data-driven business today."
- Gregor Matthews, Head of Marketing at Finisterre

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