6 Important Insights from Ometria's Consumer Census 2016

Posted by Abi Davies 24 May 16

consumer_census_2016-1.pngAt Ometria, we don’t worry about your problems. We solve them. And what’s one of the biggest problems facing ecommerce marketers today? Knowing what customers want. Or, more specifically, what they want from you.

Whilst we don’t profess to be Mel Gibson's Nick Marshall, able to read the minds not of women but online buyers, we are determined to provide you with the best possible insights into your customers and potential customers.

That’s why we commissioned market research company Populus to survey over 2,000 adults to find out what they really think about your online marketing strategies.

From consumers' top frustrations with the emails they receive from brands to the factors most likely to make them click and buy from a marketing message, we were met with some surprising stats.

The full survey can be found in our brand new ebook, which you can download here. To give you a sneak preview, we’re giving away six key takeaways below. Tweet us your thoughts @OmetriaData.  

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12 Brands That Have Mastered GIFs in Email Marketing

Posted by Hannah Stacey 23 May 16

GIFs in ecommerce To kick off this blog post, I’d like to transport you back to 1987.

Techno is king. You have a haircut that will one day become a source of endless ridicule from your children and grandchildren. Cher looks exactly the same as she does now.  

Crucially for our story, a bloke called Steve Wilhite and his team have just invented something called the Graphics Interchange Format (or GIF, for short) that will change the face of the internet.

But you don’t care right now because you’re too preoccupied with perm maintenance and your only experience of the GIF thus far is a pixelated dancing banana with a maniacal grin on its face.

GIFs in ecommerce

Fast forward to the early noughties and the GIF has been appropriated by a generation of adolescents hell bent on having the spangliest MySpace page going, regardless of the fact it takes ten minutes to load and crashes your browser if you try to scroll anywhere.

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5 Ecommerce Marketing Stories You Should Have Read This Week

Posted by Abi Davies 20 May 16

Ecommerce marketing news In the ever-changing world of ecommerce, you have to stay on top of news if you want to be ahead of the game.

We’re well aware this is easier said than done. Trawling through news sources every morning, when you have a million and one other things to do, can eat away at time and energy that you just don’t have.

That’s why we’ve introduced a Friday News Bulletin. At the end of every week, we’ll throw on a fedora, slip into a trench and whip out the Ometrian magnifying (smart)glass ready to collect all of the top industry headlines into one, succinct blog post.

Coffee brewed and reading glasses on? Here are this week’s top stories.

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Email Preheader Best Practices for Ecommerce Marketers

Posted by Abi Davies 18 May 16

Email ecommerce preheader exampleLike a persistently overlooked but deeply capable younger sibling, preheader text has been overshadowed by the subject line for too long.

If you had to Google "what is a preheader?” before reading this blog post, don’t worry; you're not a marketing fraud, nor are you the only one. You do, however, need to know this.

In brief, a preheader is the text that comes after the subject line when an email is viewed in your inbox. It's often used to give your email list a taste of what’s inside the body of your email.  

Here's what a preheader looks like if you're accessing emails using a laptop:

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Top Product Pages: My Analysis of 5 Great Examples

Posted by Edward Gotham 18 May 16

Ecommerce product page examples Product pages aren't just a pretty landing page for purchasing. They are your online doorways to gaining customers and revenue.

We'’ve deconstructed the outstanding features on each of the chosen sites and spotted some other key areas for improvement.

This post is designed to help you keep up-to-date with some of the latest trends, using examples from the top ecommerce product pages on the web.


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