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Ometria Platform

Single Customer View

Ometria brings together data from all touchpoints to build a unified profile of each customer.

  • Purchase History
  • Browse Behaviour
  • Marketing Interactions
  • In-store Activity
  • Returns Data
Ometria Platform
  • Cross Device

    Cross Device

    Identifying customers across any device that they use to browse and buy from your store.

  • Realtime Syncing

    Realtime Syncing

    Syncing all interaction and transactional data in real-time.

  • Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    Cleansing your database, identifying duplicate accounts and combining them into a single customer profile.

  • Which of my customers have VIP potential?

    Vip Customer Potential

  • Which customers are likely to lapse soon?

    Most Likely To Lapse

  • When is a customer likely to interact with my message?

    Interact With My Message

  • Who is most likely to buy this product?

    Most Likely To Buy

  • When’s the best time to send a replenishment reminder?

    Best Time To Send Replenishment Messages

Intelligence Layer

Ometria uses machine learning to analyse behaviour and provide instant customer insights that are directly actionable within the platform.

  • Taste Profiling

    Analysing behaviour and attributes to understand what individual customers are most likely to be interested in.

  • Behavioural Clustering

    Using channels, devices, purchase activity, product interests and discounts to determine future customer behaviour.

  • Campaign Optimisation

    Automatically optimising your campaigns - from the best send-time to split testing to channel choice.

  • Opportunity Generation

    Identifying new revenue opportunities - from finding the best people to market products to, to notifying customers when a product is back in stock.

  • Product Suggestion

    Embedding personalised product recommendations into your marketing campaigns based on each customer's unique profile.

  • Segmentation

    Create advanced segments based on multiple customer attributes and events, such as engagement level, predictive attributes and behaviour.

Cross Channel Marketing

Ometria’s campaign builder enables you to create personalised marketing experiences your customers love across relevant touchpoints.

  • Broadcast Emails
    Broadcast Emails
  • Automated Emails
    Automated Emails
  • Custom Audiences
    Custom Audiences
  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications
  • Direct Mail
    Direct Mail
Ometria Visual Builder
  • Cross Channel Campaigns

    Cross Channel Campaigns

    Create advanced campaigns that engage customers across multiple channels - all within a single campaign dashboard.

  • Visual Email Builder

    Visual Email Builder

    Build highly personalised email templates by inserting real-time customer and product data.

  • Dynamic Personalisation

    Dynamic Personalisation

    Personalise your marketing campaigns with dynamic content based on each customer’s profile.


From your ecommerce platform to your ERP, Ometria has off-the-shelf integrations with the systems that your business is already using.