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Ometria The All-in-one ecommerce intelligence solution

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Ometria - the all-in-one software solution to drive profitable ecommerce.
Acquire and retain better customers. Sell them the right products. Maximise profitability.

Promote the right products

Promote the Right Products
Use margin, stock, returns and conversion data to drive visitors to the products that will make you the most profit.

Maximise value from customers

Maximise Value from Customers
Identify channels which drive the most profitable customers. Create personalised marketing campaigns to keep them coming back.
Purchase Funnel

Purchase Funnel

Identify roadblocks along your path to conversion for different segments of your customer base.
Product Reccomendations

Product Recommendations

See recommendations for which products to promote to improve overall profitability.
Real Time Data

Real Time Data

Walk the floor of your online store in real time. See who is shopping, what they are browsing and where they are in the store.
Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Optimize your marketing for customer lifetime value. Attract more of your best customers.
Unified Reporting

Unified Reporting

Let your entire ecommerce team see joined-up data with everything they need to know in just one click.
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Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Personalize your marketing campaigns to increase repeat purchase rate.
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