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Ometria - the all-in-one software solution to drive profitable ecommerce.

Acquire and retain better customers. Sell them the right products. Maximise profitability.

Purchase Funnel

360 Customer View

View the behaviour, order and transaction data for individual customers to fully understand who your customers are.
Purchase Funnel

Optimise your customer journey

We identify where your visitors are dropping off so you can quickly take action to fix any problem
Real Time Data

Joined-up data

We pull in marketing data from multiple sources so you can access and analyse everything in one place.
Acquire Better Customers

Acquire Better Customers

Discover which of your marketing channels acquire customers with the highest lifetime value.
Unified Reporting

Smart Segmentation

Boost engagement and conversion by targeting each customer with personalised content that's most relevant to them.
Customer Retention

Product Insights

Automatically generated insights into how you can improve the performance of your product merchandising.
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