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    Single customer view
    Data quality & accuracy

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    Customer segmentation
    Key marketing metrics
    Cohort analysis
    Predictive analytics

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    Triggered emails
    Product recommendations
    Social retargeting

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    • Single customer view

    • Data quality & accuracy

    • Integrations

    • Ometria brings together data from multiple sources to create a detailed profile of each of your customers.

      • Purchase history
        Purchase history

        Get a complete view of each customer's transactional history with your store.

      • Browse behavior
        Browse behavior

        View the products and categories that a customer browses when they visit your website

      • Marketing interaction
        Marketing interaction

        Monitor each customer's interactions with your marketing messages, from clicks through to conversions.

      • Demographics

        Enrich each customer's profile with demographic data and individual notes and tags.

      • Cross device
        Cross device

        Identify a customer across any device that they use to browse and buy from your store.

      • Offline

        Combine each customer’s ecommerce profile with their offline purchase behaviour.

    • Our platform empowers you to make marketing decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data.

      • Data cleansing
        Data cleansing

        Ometria automatically cleans your database, identifying duplicate accounts and combining them into a single customer profile.

      • Real-time syncing
        Real-time syncing

        In Ometria, all interaction and transactional data is synced in real-time.

      • Reverse geocoding
        Reverse geocoding

        Ometria uses latitude and longitude data to locate and normalise the location of your customers.

    • Ometria integrates with the technology that your business is already using.

      • Out-of-the-box integrations
        Out-of-the-box integrations

        Ometria integrates with a host of ecommerce tools and platforms, and can be up and running within minutes.

      • Data import api
        Data import api

        If you use a custom platform or we don't have a pre-built integration with a solution you use, you can use our API to easily import data into Ometria.

    • Customer segmentation

    • Key marketing metrics

    • Cohort analysis

    • Predictive analytics

    • Ometria lets you segment your customers based on relevant ecommerce attributes and behaviours, in order to gain better insight and target them with the right messages.

      • Customer lifecycle stages
        Customer lifecycle stages

        Ometria automatically segments your customers into lifecycle stages, based on their individual profiles.

      • Vip recognition
        Vip recognition

        Identify who your best customers are, and create tailored campaigns to retain them.

      • Behavioural segmentation
        Behavioural segmentation

        Segment customers based on the specific products, brands or categories they purchase or browse.

      • ‘At risk' customers
        ‘At risk' customers

        Identify customers who have lapsed or are at risk of lapsing, and send campaigns aimed at reactivating them.

      • Coupon code shoppers
        Coupon code shoppers

        Segment customers by their use use of coupon codes, and identify which codes they use.

      • Custom segments
        Custom segments

        Create dynamic custom segments that are updated in realtime, and synced across all of your marketing outputs.

    • Our dashboards give you instant access to the metrics that are important to you - no spreadsheets necessary.

      • Marketing kpis
        Marketing kpis

        Monitor all of your ecommerce marketing metrics, including:

        - Revenue per customer

        - Repeat rates

        - Average time from lead to customer

        - and many more

      • Customer health
        Customer health

        Monitor the evolution of your customer base to spot growth opportunities or identify issues.

      • Custom reporting
        Custom reporting

        Choose from a library of pre-built ecommerce reports, or create your own to monitor specific customer groups or metrics.

    • Our easy-to-use cohort analysis tool enables you to monitor the impact of your marketing over time.

      • Seasonality impact
        Seasonality impact

        Analyse the lifetime value of seasonal and sale shoppers and measure the long-term impact.

      • Channel performance
        Channel performance

        Identify which channels are best at bringing in new customers and which ones are best at retaining them.

      • Campaign performance
        Campaign performance

        See which of your campaigns are most effective at driving higher lifetime value.

      • Conversion drivers
        Conversion drivers

        Find out which products, brands and categories drive the acquisition of your best customers.

    • Ometria's predictive modeling helps you time your marketing messages for optimum effect, forecast the future health of your business, and more accurately assess ROI on marketing channels.

      • Taste profiling
        Taste profiling

        Create segments of customers that are likely to be interested in specific products or categories, based on their browsing and transactional history.

      • Predictive clv
        Predictive clv

        Calculate the long-term revenue potential of newly-acquired customers, and plan your acquisition costs accordingly.

      • Factor analysis
        Factor analysis

        Identify key attributes that drive higher customer lifetime value.

      • Predictive churn
        Predictive churn

        Estimate when a customer is likely to churn, and take action to prevent it.

      • Replenishment rates
        Replenishment rates

        Anticipate when customers are likely to need to replenish consumable products, based on predicted consumption.

      • Product affinity
        Product affinity

        Upsell and cross-sell the right products to the right customers based on previous purchase patterns.

    • Triggered emails

    • Product recommendations

    • Social retargeting

    • With Ometria's campaign builder, setting up and visualising triggered marketing campaigns has never been easier.

      • Automated split testing
        Automated split testing

        Split test and optimise the design, time of send, subject line and offers included in the emails you send.

      • Audience segmentation
        Audience segmentation

        Use our versatile customer filters to control exactly who receives your messages.

      • Customer tagging
        Customer tagging

        Automatically tag customers that complete a specific journey or task.

      • Send time management
        Send time management

        Choose to send emails at a specific time and date, or set up a relative send delay.

      • Entry and exit conditions
        Entry and exit conditions

        Manage the criteria by which a customer enters and exits a campaign flow.

      • Example campaigns:
        Example campaigns:

        New subscriber welcome

        Cart recovery

        Browse abandonment

        VIP recognition

        Lapsed customer reactivation

        Repeat purchase activation

    • Using detailed profiles of each customer, our platform lets you personalise your marketing messages with products and offers that will get them shopping.

      • Product recommendations
        Product recommendations

        Embed personalised product recommendations into your triggered emails and newsletters based on each customer's unique profile.

      • Email personalisation
        Email personalisation

        Personalise specific elements on your emails with dynamic content based on each customer’s profile.

      • Subscriber segmentation
        Subscriber segmentation

        Segment your newsletters to target specific segments of your customer base.

    • Ometria enables you to target specific customer segments and lookalike audiences with relevant Facebook ads.

      • Custom audiences
        Custom audiences

        Automatically sync any customer segment from Ometria to Facebook custom audiences.

      • Lookalike audiences
        Lookalike audiences

        Create segments of your best customers in Ometria and find more of them using lookalike audiences.

      • Adwords customer match
        Adwords customer match

        Sync customer segments with the Adwords platform for customer match retargeting.

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