Wolf & Badger

Wolf And Badger


Wolf & Badger is a unique retail concept with an award-winning website offering products from hundreds of independent brands across a range of categories, from fashion to accessories to gifts to homeware.

Stocking a wide range of products from over 600 designers, Wolf & Badger was keen to ensure that its marketing messages remained relevant to the interests of each individual customer, rather than sending the same, undifferentiated messages to their whole contact base each time.

Realising that marketing automation­ based on detailed customer insight ­ would help them send customers relevant messages at the right time, Wolf & Badger turned to Ometria.


Using the Ometria platform, Wolf & Badger set up an automation strategy aimed at:

– Re-capturing abandoned visits by sending abandonment emails to those who have shown buyer intent by viewing or adding items to their basket.
– Identifying ‘at-risk’ and ‘lapsed’ customers using Ometria’s customer lifecycle stage analysis and reactivating them with automated email campaigns, segmented to offer incentives based on the lifetime value of each customer.
– Personalising the post-purchase experience with email campaigns focused on offering shoppers content (such as blog posts and shopping guides), including personalised product recommendations generated by Ometria, related to their last order.


As a result of its new marketing automation strategy carried out using Ometria, Wolf & Badger experienced:

– a 4% rise in overall online revenue
– a 60% increase in repeat rate within 3 months of acquisition, compared with the previous year.
– 8x higher open rates on triggered email, compared with newsletter opens.
– £3 generated for every cart abandonment email sent.