Swoon Editions

Swoon Editions


Swoon Editions has grown extremely quickly since launch, utilising a data-driven marketing strategy and selling a product range that completely resonated with their customer base. To continue their growth, they wanted to increase their conversion rate further by targeting people who would view certain products or categories, but not complete the purchase. However browsing information on each customer was not available, and all customer data was held in various systems which were not connected together and not integrated with the email service platform they were using to communicate with their customers.


Ometria’s predictive marketing software provided both the capability to track and identify visitors, and the ability to power automated personalised emails – emails which included dynamic product recommendations tailored to their interests, based on their specific browisng behaviour. Customers who viewed a particular category multiple times in a single week would be targeted with a message that would include both information about the category and relevant products, as well as other relevant products that were most likely to be purchsed by them.


This fully automated email campaign had significantly higher engagement than traditional emails with a 1462% increase in click-through rate. It generated £5 of revenue per email sent, and singlehandedly achieved an ROI of 400% on the cost of the Ometria platform.