Selling to expectant mothers presents unique challenges to clothing retailers, with a narrow window to engage and sell to the target audience.

Seraphine wanted to find a way of using email to ensure that first-time shoppers and prospective customers were sent relevant, personalised marketing messages at key points in the buying journey.

However, with a small marketing team, they needed a tool that made segmenting and personalising customer communication a hassle-free, automated process.


Seraphine called on Ometria’s lifecycle marketing expertise to help build a customer engagement strategy.

Customer insight analysis
First, Ometria’s insights team ran a detailed analysis of the health of Seraphine’s customer base, looking at key segments and performance markers to identify high volume opportunities in its customers’ journeys.

Lifecycle-based automated email triggers
The analysis revealed the optimum time to encourage first-time shoppers to come back for more. A post-purchase campaign was set up at a precise interval after first order to send personalised emails to incentivise further purchases.

In addition, Identifiable visitors who had not yet made an order were sent a series of triggered, personalised emails.

Content segmentation
Using Ometria, Seraphine was able to:

– send these emails in the right language and currency.

– personalise the email content based on the categories and products that they had browsed during their last visit, added to their cart or shopped.


Within days of working with Ometria to agree a strategy, Seraphine was sending automated lifecycle-based emails to its customers, delivering significant uplifts:

– 11% conversion rate on Ometria automated emails

– 10% increase in customers repeating within 30 days of their first order

– 60% increase in total email revenue after implementing Ometria

– £15 generated for every pound spent on Ometria