Ometria Labs: Green People

Organic online beauty brand Green People increases repurchase rate by 33% using AI-based predictive replenishment.

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At Ometria, we know our most significant product milestones have been achieved by closely collaborating with our amazing clients. Ometria Labs is our innovation stream, where we test out new and innovative ideas for potential features that solve retail marketers’ biggest day-to-day challenges, and share the results with you.


One of the biggest names in organic online beauty, Green People offers customers organic, natural skincare products with a focus on providing the same personal service that its shoppers have enjoyed since the brand was founded in 1997.

Driving higher lifetime value and more repeat purchases is a priority for Green People’s marketing team, who have been using Ometria to power its marketing messages since 2018.

With a large product range of replenishable items, Green People saw an opportunity to encourage customers to repurchase items they had run out of. 

However, replenishment campaigns can be challenging to implement. For Green People’s marketing team, relying on guesswork to decide the optimal amount of time to wait before sending a repurchase reminder, or manually analysing purchase data to calculate the campaign wait time for each individual product weren’t sustainable options. 

What’s more, the resource involved in manually creating and managing individual replenishment campaigns for each product in the company’s inventory was too great for a small marketing team.


To be able to create the best possible experience for its customers, Green People worked with Ometria Labs in a pilot of its predictive replenishment functionality. 

Machine learning-based algorithms worked to both identify the products with the biggest opportunity for generating replenishment revenue, and to calculate the best possible time to send a campaign to those who had bought each product. This saved the team hours of manually calculating repurchase rates for individual products.

The algorithm used reinforcement learning to self-optimise the wait time based on the success of previous sends of the campaign, meaning that Green People’s marketing team could be sure that customers were consistently getting the best possible experience, without having to manually calculate and re-adjust the campaigns themselves. 

What’s more, Green People was able to implement its entire predictive replenishment strategy from a single campaign, rather than spend time and resource creating hundreds of individual campaigns for each product.


Compared to a control group that did not receive a predictive repurchase reminder, using predictive replenishment meant that Green People achieved:

  • a 33% uplift in repurchase rate
  • a 37% uplift in revenue per contact