It was while helping out at his grandparents’ successful fruit store in London’s East End that Jonathan Holmes, founder of premium furniture retailer LuxDeco, learned the true importance of building one-to-one relationships with customers.

Taking this staple of traditional face-to-face business and applying it to ecommerce, however, presented more of a challenge: with so many brand touchpoints in the online world, how could LuxDeco ensure that each customer was met with a bespoke, personalised experience, no matter how they chose to interact with the brand?

To achieve this, LuxDeco needed a marketing solution that would:

– Create a single customer view that underpinned all marketing communications with accurate, comprehensive data about each customer.

– Give the brand the ability to send relevant, personalised messages at the right point in the customer journey.


Using the Ometria platform and insight from the customer success team, LuxDeco was able to:

– identify key relationship-building moments in the customer journey with the brand.

– automatically identify the customers that fell into each lifecycle stage – from subscribers to active customers to past customers who had lapsed.

– identify the brand’s most loyal ‘VIP’ customers.

Then, using Ometria’s automated campaign builder, the brand was able to:

– create and send automated emails at key points in the customer lifecycle, including a multi-stage welcome series, a first-purchase activation campaign and personalised abandonment emails.

– segment these campaigns according to criteria like the recipient’s lifetime value, or  whether they had made a previous purchase.

– further personalise the content of these automated emails with individually-tailored product recommendations.


Since it started working with Ometria, LuxDeco has experienced:

– an 107% increase in at-risk and lapsed customers won back

– £14.30 per abandon cart abandonment email sent

– 11% uplift in AOV from Ometria-sent emails, compared with non-Ometria emails