House of Holland

Iconic fashion brand uses Ometria to power its lifecycle email strategy, driving repeat purchases and long-term revenue.

  • 7%

    increase in CLV
  • 5.6%

    uplift in repeat rate
  • 20%

    click-to-open rate on Ometria-triggered emails
  • 17x

    ROI on the Ometria platform
the challenge

With a strong brand and ever-growing customer base, the marketing team at House of Holland wanted to ensure that existing customers were encouraged to make repeat purchases and drive long-term revenue.

Realising that this could be achieved through better understanding their customers, and using this knowledge to send relevant, timely email campaigns, the fashion brand called on Ometria’s lifecycle marketing expertise to help.

House of Holland was keen to learn how Ometria’s automation could be used to power this retention strategy, cutting down on the need for manual actions from the marketing team.

the solution

Ometria’s team of ecommerce experts worked closely with House of Holland, identifying key opportunities to engage customers and increase long-term revenue by setting up a number of automated campaigns:

- A new subscriber welcome series

- On-site behaviour-based campaigns

- Repeat purchase incentivisation campaign

- Lapsed customer reactivation campaign

One opportunity was identified with the brand’s most loyal ‘VIP’ customers. Using Ometria’s predictive insight, House of Holland created campaigns targeted at engaging those who were most likely to become VIP customers, as well as campaigns aimed at existing VIPs.

The brand also use Ometria’s product recommendation engine to personalise its regular broadcast emails.

the result

As a result of its work with Ometria, House of Holland benefited from:

- a 7.4% increase in customer lifetime value, directly attributable to Ometria

- a 5.6% uplift in repeat rate, directly attributable to Ometria

- a 20% click-to-open rate on Ometria-triggered emails

- a 17x return on investment on the Ometria platform

"Ometria gives us instant insight into our customers' behaviour, and lets us set up and send personalised marketing messages in a matter of clicks - something that we really value as a busy marketing team. Their team has made an active effort to really understand our business and is always on hand to make helpful suggestions about how we can optimise our strategy."

product features
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