With strong loyalty and brand recognition, cold water surf company Finisterre called upon Ometria to help increase revenues from its existing customer base.

  • 1000%

    Increase in revenue per email sent
  • 2%

    Increase in total overall online revenue
  • 500%

    ROI on the Ometria platform
the challenge

Finisterre has built a strong brand which resonates well with the cold water surfing community. With a growing customer base, the company wanted to increase revenues and grow its repeat purchase rate.

The brand approached Ometria to help give them a single customer view, to understand the behaviour of their most loyal customers, and to establish how they could turn more of their customers into regular, repeat shoppers. 

This required Ometria’s proprietary on-site tracking technology, as well as full integration into both their ecommerce platform, and their email service provider.

the solution

Ometria’s simple integration with both Magento and Mailchimp meant that Finisterre went live on the platform within one day.

The platform’s detailed customer insights enabled the Finisterre team to identify the stages customers were at in their buyer journey - from subscribers to one-time buyers to repeat buyers - as well as those that had become dormant, or who were at risk of lapsing.

As a result, the team was able to identify a big opportunity - preventing customers from lapsing. Finisterre then used Ometria to trigger automated, personalised emails to relevant customers in order to prevent this.

the result

Within the first month of running campaigns with Ometria, Finisterre:

  • - boosted revenue per email sent by 10x
  • - increased its total overall online revenue by 2%
  • - achieved a 500% ROI on the Ometria platform

“We needed to better understand our customers’ behaviour, what was going well and what we could improve on. With Ometria, we quickly had intuitive, retail-specific insights that we could action right away. Invaluable to any data-driven business today.”

Gregor Matthews - Head of Marketing, Finisterre
product features
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