Finery London

Contemporary British womenswear brand uses Ometria’s customer insight and automated campaigns to increase repeat rate and improve retention

  • 50%

    increase in lapsed customer win back
  • 3.5%

    Percentage of overall revenue attributable to Ometria
  • 25%

    click-to-open rate on Ometria-triggered emails
the challenge

Launched in early 2015, Finery wanted to support its impressive growth in the online womenswear space with a focused, data-driven customer retention strategy.

However, with much of the brand’s retention activity dependent on manual actions from the marketing team across multiple platforms, the process of sending customers relevant, timely marketing messages was both complex and time-consuming.

To activate customers at the right time in their journey with the brand, Finery needed a solution that enabled it to send automated, personalised activation campaigns based on detailed insight into each customer’s interactions with the store.

the solution

Ometria’s combined expertise in customer insight and marketing automation proved to be the best solution to help Finery set up a comprehensive lifecycle marketing strategy.

Two significant opportunities were identified, and advanced, multi-stage campaigns set up for:
- New subscriber activation - encouraging new sign-ups to make a first purchase
- Lapsing customer reactivation - encouraging customers who hadn’t shopped in some time to return

Finery was able to segment each campaign to make it more relevant to the recipient, creating custom journeys for those who had taken specific actions - for example, whether a customer went on to return items or complete a purchase - and customer attributes, like their lifetime value.

For each campaign they were able to run A/B tests and include personalised product recommendations.

the result

Within the first 6 months of working with Ometria, Finery experienced:
- a 50% increase in lapsed customer win back
- Ometria-triggered emails accounting for 3.5% of overall revenue
- a 25% click-to-open rate on Ometria-triggered emails

“Ometria's been great help since day one - the tool has changed my day-to-day tasks for the better, and makes reporting on A/B testing seamless. The entire team is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ometria both for the tool itself and the team behind it."

product features
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