Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury achieved phenomenal growth after launching in 2013 with a well executed international ecommerce operation. They were looking to expand on this initial growth and overtake their competitors by becoming a data driven retailer.

On examining their internal processes the ecommerce team realised they were spending too much time analysing different data sets from multiple sources such as their ERP, analytics & ecommerce platform. They also encountered inefficiency due to the inability of the various different members of the team to easily access the insights they needed – the insights they knew were critical to their ongoing success.

Experiments with matching up data in Excel in order to create and analyse the reports they desired proved very time consuming. They knew they needed a better solution.


Charlotte Tilbury turned to Ometria’s all-in-one performance platform to:

1. Surface real insights about how to improve their ecommerce performance.

2. Consolidate data from multiple sources to accurately monitor progress.

One day after integration, all historic data from a variety of different sources became easily accessible to the whole team, freeing up valuable time to focus on actions – actions which increase profits.

Surface real insights

Real-time ecommerce performance data is now easily accessible in one place to all members of the Charlotte Tilbury team. Demetra Pinsent, the CEO of Charlotte Tilbury, needs to be fully informed of online operations in order to make the decisions required to hit ongoing strategic targets for the overall brand and multichannel retail operation. She now has access to top line KPIs for revenue, transactions and visitors, anytime and anywhere. On top of this, key ecommerce performance data is sent automatically via email in daily and weekly progress reports to the whole team.

Rachel Jones, the Head of Ecommerce at Charlotte Tilbury, no longer needs to regularly update Demetra and the rest of the team to keep them in the loop – it’s all done by Ometria. She can now focus her time and efforts on delivering results. The integrated chart annotations and product tagging features enable her to collaborate with the team, and make sure everyone knows which marketing campaigns are ongoing, and which products are performing best.

One concern that Rachel had was that she didn’t want everyone to have access to the same information, due to privacy concerns, and this was easily solved with the ability to set varying permission levels for different accounts. They can allow new employees, or interns, to use the necessary aspects of the platform without giving them full access to key business or customer data.

Consolidate Data

Charlotte Tilbury wanted a 360 degree view of their ecommerce store with a specific focus on their customer, product and revenue data. Ometria automatically imports this data from their ecommerce platform and matches it to front-end website interaction data – making all this information available in one single, immediately accessible, view, and more importantly, giving them access to insights about individual customer behaviour. This removes the need for team members to manually and repetitively calculate figures in excel, empowering the team to make immediate data driven decisions:

Demetra Pinsent, the CEO, has not previously had access to a simple view of the ecommerce conversion funnel. She knows that site usability is key for international expansion, so she uses Ometria to analyse performance for countries she is looking to expand into. She can then flag potential problems to her team who can work on tailoring their onsite experience to match the expectations of visitors from those specific countries.

Rachel Jones, the Head of Ecommerce, analyses the behaviour and customer lifetime value for specific customer segments, and individually matches them to the most relevant products with the biggest profit potential. This means she can then target these individuals with products they will love, via email or other channels.

Zoe Ng, the Head of Business Development is in charge of driving the right customers to the site. She now optimises marketing channels by customer lifetime value, using real sales data instead of initial purchase value in order to accurately evaluate ROI on customer acquisition.


The Charlotte Tilbury team has increased daily productivity by 20% – time that is now spent on merchandising and marketing actions which increase profits. They are running a big operation, with a small but effective team, and Ometria means that every hour of their day is spent productively – on improving their business, not on producing repetitive reports for each other.