5 data-driven marketing campaign hacks to try in 2017

Posted by Abi Davies 6 Jan 17

Diary 2017.pngNew Year, new start. January is *the* month to start afresh.

That said, it’s a common mistake to put too much pressure on this first month of the year - lading it with goals, ideas and targets that are unrealistic (sometimes logistically impossible) to achieve.

If your resolution for 2017 is to enhance your ecommerce marketing strategy, start with a few smaller experiments first.

Listed below are five relatively easy-to-implement hacks for making your marketing campaigns more relevant and data-driven - most of which don’t require many additional creative resources. To figure out which work best for your brand, underneath each point we’ve included information on how to measure their success.   

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How to create a killer ecommerce marketing strategy

Posted by Edward Gotham 6 Nov 16

shutterstock_167152856Great marketing campaigns emanate from a solid initial strategy. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

So in this post we will show you how to create a killer ecommerce marketing plan to drive your ecommerce business ahead of your competitors.

In order to give some context to each section, I’ll be giving you excerpts from the marketing strategy for a fictitious ecommerce company in the fashion industry called ‘Danakil’.

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6 terrific tactics for engaging your VIP customers this Christmas

Posted by Abi Davies 19 Oct 16

As the nights get even shorter and Selfridges’ Christmas Shop starts to get busier, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Christmas is on its merry way.

Whilst your Christmas email marketing strategy is probably signed, sealed and waiting to be delivered, have you thought about how you can reach out to those who really matter most?

From bespoke gifts in the post to an in-store carol service, here’s how you can make your favourite (after all, these are the people who spend most with you) customers feel loved this Christmastide. 

If you're not sure who your best customers are, you can read our post on identifying VIPs here.

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6 examples of mind-blowing customer service from online retailers

Posted by Abi Davies 11 Oct 16

From Facebook likes to Tinder matches, society today has become accustomed to temporary highs and quick fixes. With technology powered endorsements at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget that, if you really want someone’s affection, you have to actually earn it.

The same principle can be applied to customer relationships. 

To really thrive in ecommerce today, you need to show customers you genuinely care.

We’re under no illusion that going the extra mile is a pioneering concept - five years ago American Express revealed that seven in ten Americans were willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believed offered excellent customer service. 

We are, however, worried it is a concept in danger of becoming extinct and replaced by cheap thrills.

Here are six examples of brands keeping this age-old practice alive through awesome customer service - starting with small, simple gestures and working our way up to bigger, more innovative initiatives. 

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Why are retailers still not using web push notifications?

Posted by Abi Davies 3 Oct 16

One year ago we wrote about the arrival of web push notifications and their potential to help retailers target subscribers with relevant marketing messages.

Time has passed, but little has changed. Web push notifications still have a lot of potential, but retailers just don’t seem to have embraced them yet.

This blog post will tackle why that is, and take a look at what ecommerce marketers are missing out on in the process.

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