29 excellent ecommerce blog posts you might have missed in 2016

Posted by Abi Davies 20 Dec 16

typewriter image Whilst reading an article in the New York Times recently, we came across the Jorge Luis Borges quote: ‘You are not what you write, but what you have read’.

Today, we have information on (almost) any topic at our fingertips; all it takes is a cursory Google search and - bam - five minutes later our perspective and outlook can change forever.

But, also thanks to technology, today we have more distractions than ever -  whether that’s the Mail’s sidebar of shame or Snapchat’s addictive filters. Consequently, it’s easy to miss genuinely useful content that could help you on your journey to ecommerce success.

So, to start 2017 feeling up-to-date and on top of your game, here are 29 articles from across the web (including a few of our own) you should have read this year.

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A roundup of the best Christmas emails we've received so far

Posted by Abi Davies 13 Dec 16

christmas treeIt was around a month ago now that my first Christmas email of the year arrived in my inbox. It was like receiving that very first Christmas card at school - a simple form of communication, but somehow managing to announce the start of the most wonderful time of the year.

But, just like your 14th Christmas card (gone are those days!), it takes a lot for your 400th Christmas email to really make a big impression on you - the sad fact is, after a while they all start to look the same.

Luckily, there will always be the odd Christmas card - and Christmas email - that reignites that first, nostalgic Christmassy feeling in you. Whether it’s because of its amazing design or beautifully written message, some things just have the magic touch.

For me, these eight brands have just that - all for very different reasons.

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8 Noteworthy Examples of Inspired Ecommerce Content Marketing

Posted by Hannah Stacey 1 Aug 16

shutterstock_183663350Content. We’re constantly told we should be creating it, sharing it, publicising it, incorporating it into buyer journeys, making it more interactive, making it more engaging (the list goes on).

Trouble is, ‘content’ in itself is a really ambiguous word: knowing exactly what kind of content to create - and, more importantly, how to make sure that it has a positive effect on bottom line - is a tricky business.

Although grappling with this content-driven approach - which eschews hard-sell ‘interruptive’ techniques for a more nuanced, nurturing style of marketing - is a bit of a scary prospect for many, we’re starting to see a lot of ecommerce brands get really creative with the content they’re creating and how they incorporate it into their site. 

Here are eight great examples - new and old - of ecommerce content marketing at its best.

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How to Calculate Repeat Purchase Rate in Ecommerce

Posted by Huw Jenkins 21 Jul 16

repeat customer rate ecommerce

Put (very) simply, the repeat purchase rate is the proportion of customers that have shopped more than once.

In a nutshell, repeat rate shows you the percentage of your current customer base that has come back to to shop again: a metric which is influenced by your efforts at customer retention and is a pretty good measure of loyalty, often taken into account by marketers to evaluate performance. 

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36 Surprising Ecommerce Marketing Lessons from Online Mattress Companies

Posted by Huw Jenkins 14 Jun 16

mattressYou might not think much of mattresses marketing. Perhaps you think it's boring enough to sleep on...

Well, you’re wrong.

If you live in London then you’ve probably noticed the harmoniously yellow Eve Mattress campaigns lining tube car panels. If you’re a fan of the telly box, then you will be aqcuainted with the cosy pyjama-clad hippo of Silent Night fame. And you cannot have missed the unrelenting batch of bed-bouncing children in showroom ads, every. single. sale. season. 

As proven above, mattress marketing is far from forgettable. After all, they’re not just for sleeping on. 

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