10 examples of birthday emails worth celebrating

Posted by Abi Davies 24 Jan 17

birthday dog-3.pngI have a confession. Despite the fact I am 26-years-old, I still get really excited about my birthday. Not because I am one year older (hello mortgage), but because it’s comforting to know that, at least once a year, those who matter the most will get in touch to celebrate the fact I was born, and mark the occasion with cake and cards (and hats…).

But it’s not only loved ones who get in touch - increasingly, retailers do too.

And yet, while birthday emails are a growing phenomenon, a surprising number of brands still don’t send them - even those that ask for your date of birth during the sign-up process.

As Ometria turns four years old this week, we looked back at birthday emails we've received over the past year to come up with a list of good examples. The final list can be split into three categories: birthday emails including amazing gifs, birthday emails with an awesome concept or copy and birthday emails that have been personalised.

Disclaimer: We’re not saying these emails are perfect, but each one has been chosen because of certain element that caught our eye or made us feel special. 

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Ecommerce pricing strategy: how to price your products online

Posted by Victoria Elizabeth 24 Jan 17

ecommerce pricing strategy When you enter a new website and take a quick glance at their products, one of the first things that will jump out at you is the price.

It’s a fundamental prerequisite for many purchase decisions, although its importance varies between so-called ‘spendthrifts’ or ‘tightwads’.  Most consumers’ behaviour lies between one end of this spectrum and your store’s pricing position will determine how many of each type of customers you attract.

The proper pricing strategy for your ecommerce store should take these, along with the other factors outlined below, into consideration in order to generate maximum revenue.

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12 examples of brands expertly cross-promoting their social channels in email

Posted by Abi Davies 13 Jan 17

With spam filters getting stricter and ecommerce competition getting higher, engaging consumers via email can prove challenging.

Consequently, increasing the number of touchpoints a person has with your brand is more important than ever; the more places a person can learn about your brand, the better.

One of the most obvious places a consumer can hear your marketing messages is social media. But this doesn’t mean ditching email (which continues to be the most powerful marketing tool available today). It means using email as a way to promote your social media - after all, the two tools are singing from the same hymn sheet.

At present, the majority of ecommerce brands out there are achieving this by including social icons in email footers:

icons bottom of email

… but in 2017 is this practice really enough?

Today, we live in a visual economy where, in order to really capture a consumer's attention and elicit a click, we need to deliver copy and images that are striking, engaging and stimulating.

Here are 12 brands that have cottoned onto the fact that email can be used as a powerful tool for promoting your social media accounts in a creative way. 

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Ecommerce website headers: 4 simple things you need to get right

Posted by Hannah Stacey 10 Jan 17

ecommerce website header

Website headers. Sure, they might not be the most glam part of ecommerce store design, but they’re arguably one of the most valuable pieces of on-site real estate going.

Why? They’re often one of the first things a visitor sees when they land on your site, and play an important role in making a killer first impression for newbies to your brand, as well as performing a navigational function that’s crucial to moving browsers on through the journey to purchase.

So yeah, pretty important.

This blog post will walk you through several key elements of ecommerce header design:

  • Primary category/product navigation

  • Secondary navigational elements

  • Search

  • Offers and promotions

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5 data-driven marketing campaign hacks to try in 2017

Posted by Abi Davies 6 Jan 17

Diary 2017.pngNew Year, new start. January is *the* month to start afresh.

That said, it’s a common mistake to put too much pressure on this first month of the year - lading it with goals, ideas and targets that are unrealistic (sometimes logistically impossible) to achieve.

If your resolution for 2017 is to enhance your ecommerce marketing strategy, start with a few smaller experiments first.

Listed below are five relatively easy-to-implement hacks for making your marketing campaigns more relevant and data-driven - most of which don’t require many additional creative resources. To figure out which work best for your brand, underneath each point we’ve included information on how to measure their success.   

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