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7 email A/B tests every ecommerce marketer should try out

Posted by Abi Davies 16 Feb 17

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This blog post accompanies our latest ebook: 15 A/B testing ideas for ecommerce email marketers. Click here to download.

It’s 2017, and the days of low-quality, irrelevant marketing messages are well and truly over; if your email doesn’t seem pertinent to a recipient, it will be deleted, unsubscribed from or - dare we say it - marked as spam.

As a result, it’s of critical importance that your email marketing is crafted in such a way that it actually resonates with your subscriber list on a personal level.

The only way to know how your email marketing is *really* performing right now is to look at the numbers. The numbers don’t lie. If they are good, that’s great, but if they’re not so good, changes are probably needed (for some context, the average open rate for ecommerce email is 16.75% and the average click rate is 2.32%).  

Fortunately, A/B testing can help you go about making those changes. 

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Three simple first steps to personalising your newsletters

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Feb 17

first steps to personalisation From publishing houses to museums to music streaming services, making marketing as personalised as possible has become a priority for organisations across the globe.

As we all know, ecommerce brands are no exception; and as machine learning continues to get smarter, so expectations for 1:1 personalisation in email marketing continue to rise.

A hero image that automatically changes according to a recipient’s gender? Product recommendations based on the local weather forecast for a customer’s geographical location? A countdown to Valentine’s Day that’s optimized according to open-time?

The ecommerce newsletter of the future knows few boundaries, but is it actually attainable? Thanks to dynamic content, the answer is “yes”: it is.

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Four contemporary brands with ingenious micro-copy

Posted by Abi Davies 30 Jan 17

micro copy ecommerce marketing In the marketing realm, micro-copy is sacred.

We’re talking about any short bits of copy found on a brand's website that help online shoppers:

  • find their way around, e.g. “scroll left to see the full look”
  • follow instructions/offer help, e.g. “write your address here”, “do you have caps lock on?”
  • get more of a feel for your brand, e.g. “say hi!” (vs a more formal “contact us”)

Some of the most obvious places your brand will need effective micro-copy include: headlines, sub headings, CTAs, pop-ups, product information, newsletter signup boxes, navigation bars, captions… the list goes on. But how do you go about creating it?

This question is not a new one; for centuries marketers have agonised over the best way to use as little copy as possible to convey the most information.

Ironically, however, it’s not necessarily old, experienced brands we must turn to for answers, but also younger brands - founded by digital natives and born into the world of ecommerce.

Brought up with MSN, MySpace and text messaging, millennial marketers are adept at summarising exactly what they want to say in just a couple of dozen characters.

This doesn’t mean your brand’s message or tone of voice needs to be ‘millennial’ (especially if your demographic is an older audience), but the approach - of paring back as many words as possible until you’re left with something that a) communicates your point and b) captures your ‘voice’ - remains the same.

Here are four contemporary ecommerce brands mastering the art of micro-copy.

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10 examples of birthday emails worth celebrating

Posted by Abi Davies 24 Jan 17

birthday dog-3.pngI have a confession. Despite the fact I am 26-years-old, I still get really excited about my birthday. Not because I am one year older (hello mortgage), but because it’s comforting to know that, at least once a year, those who matter the most will get in touch to celebrate the fact I was born, and mark the occasion with cake and cards (and hats…).

But it’s not only loved ones who get in touch - increasingly, retailers do too.

And yet, while birthday emails are a growing phenomenon, a surprising number of brands still don’t send them - even those that ask for your date of birth during the sign-up process.

As Ometria turns four years old this week, we looked back at birthday emails we've received over the past year to come up with a list of good examples. The final list can be split into three categories: birthday emails including amazing gifs, birthday emails with an awesome concept or copy and birthday emails that have been personalised.

Disclaimer: We’re not saying these emails are perfect, but each one has been chosen because of certain element that caught our eye or made us feel special. 

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12 examples of brands expertly cross-promoting their social channels in email

Posted by Abi Davies 13 Jan 17

With spam filters getting stricter and ecommerce competition getting higher, engaging consumers via email can prove challenging.

Consequently, increasing the number of touchpoints a person has with your brand is more important than ever; the more places a person can learn about your brand, the better.

One of the most obvious places a consumer can hear your marketing messages is social media. But this doesn’t mean ditching email (which continues to be the most powerful marketing tool available today). It means using email as a way to promote your social media - after all, the two tools are singing from the same hymn sheet.

At present, the majority of ecommerce brands out there are achieving this by including social icons in email footers:

icons bottom of email

… but in 2017 is this practice really enough?

Today, we live in a visual economy where, in order to really capture a consumer's attention and elicit a click, we need to deliver copy and images that are striking, engaging and stimulating.

Here are 12 brands that have cottoned onto the fact that email can be used as a powerful tool for promoting your social media accounts in a creative way. 

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